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EDEU502-240528-240713 - Cross Cultural Issues in Educating ELs

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Opens 4-6 wks before course starts



Gain deeper awareness of how one’s personal attitudes, values, and beliefs about language, patriotism, culture, teaching, learning, power, privilege, and other cultural norms, values, and mores impact teaching and learning. Participants will relate these concepts to cross-cultural interactions in educational settings and explore implications about how these impact interactions with students and their families, instructional decisions, and perceptions about student performance, teaching, and learning within your professional practice.

REQUIREMENT:   This course requires implementation of projects in a PK-12 classroom.  Those who are not currently working in a classroom will need to find a classroom in which activities may be conducted.  Working with adults will not substitute for PK-12.

Registration restriction:  Open ALL educators, anywhere, with an earned BA/BS degree. Registration required pre-approval as this is a Cohort course.

Class format: Blended delivery USING ZOOM (face to face sessions , plus online work)

Class Schedule  Special Summer 2024 Schedule

  • TIME: 4:45pm-8:45pm
  • DATES: Tuesday AND Thursday:May 28, 30. June 4, 6, 11, 13, 18. 20, 2024

Course Text

Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners: Tools for Equity (Sydney Snyder and Diane Staehr Fenner)

ISBN: 9781544390253

Print or Kindle version (if available) are acceptable

Publisher:  Corwin Press (text may be purchased from the publisher, or any other vendor)

Requirements for Participation

  • Participants need a quiet location that is generally free of external distractions such as background noises, children playing, televisions, etc.

  • AUDIO AND VIDEO participation is required at all times during the session

  • Full engagement equivalent to that in a physical classroom. Be able to ...

    • Interact and respond, on demand (Q&A, discussions, etc.)

    • Submit text based responses in the chat

    • Share screens as needed

    • Physically collaborate with others on shared documents created during class

    • Participate in interactive activities as they may appear in the course.

  • Submit assignments/activities as assigned from week to week

  • Submit final work before the course end date .

  • Remain in communication with others in the Professional Learning Community, as needed, to create a support system


  • TESOL 2a: Demonstrate knowledge of how dynamic academic, personal, familial, cultural, and social contexts, including sociopolitical factors, impact the education of ELLs.
  • TESOL 2b: Demonstrate knowledge of research and theories of cultural and linguistic diversity and equity that promote academic and social language learning for ELLs.
  • TESOL 2c: Devise and implement methods to understand each ELL’s academic characteristics, including background knowledge, educational history, and current performance data, to develop effective, individualized instructional and assessment practices for their ELLs.
  • TESOL 2d: Devise and implement methods to learn about personal characteristics of the individual ELL (e.g., interests, motivations, strengths, needs) and their family (e.g., language use, literacy practices, circumstances) to develop effective instructional practices.
  • TESOL 2e: Identify and describe the impact of his/her identity, role, cultural understandings, and personal biases and conscious knowledge of U.S. culture on his/her interpretation of the educational strengths and needs of individual ELLs and ELLs in general

Credit Registration

  •  A final grade will be issued by University of Massachusetts Global to those who successfully complete all assignment, including a final project, with a “satisfactory” rating AND who complete the course evaluation.
  • Those who desire credit must complete an additional separate registration as a student at University of Massachusetts Global by the end of the 4th week for an additional fee.

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