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EDEU501-200511-ZOOM - Mth/Tch ESL in Biling Pgm

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Enrollment for this course is currently closed.

Registration restriction:  Open ALL educators, anywhere, with an earned BA/BS degree

Class format: Blended delivery USING ZOOM (face to face sessions , plus online work)


Face to Face sessions:  MONDAY - 4:15-8:15pm (breaks included)

May 11, 18, June 1, 8, 15, 22 (no class Memorial Day, May 25, 2020)


ZOOM Videoconference - a link will be sent 15 minutes before the first class session to those who are registered

Videoconference Notes

  • Audio and video participation is required for the full time each class is in session using Zoom
  • Locate a quiet space, free of distractions (to the greatest degree possible)
  • Have a headset (mic/ear buds) as a backup in the event you experience feedback

Text (needed for FIRST class):  TBA

Additional Free Downloadable Materials (needed for first class)

  1. Teaching Academic Content and Literacy to English Learners in Elementary and Middle School
  2. WIDA 2012 Amplified Standards - download at no cost
    1. Access at > RESOURCE LIBRARY TAB > 2012 English Language Development Standards
    2. Select Access Resource
  3. WIDA CAN-DO Descriptors Key Uses Edition -  download at no cost  (PRE-K Teachers Select Early Years Edition)
    1. Access at 
    2. In the SEARCH BOX:  enter Can Do
    3. Scroll down the page to find the Can Do Descriptors Key Uses Edition for your grade level(s)
    4. Select Access Resource
  4. WIDA Essential Actions Handbook
    1. Access at 
    2. In the SEARCH BOX:  enter Essential Actions
    3. Scroll down the page to find the Essential Actions Handbook
    4. Select Access Resource
  5. Academic Language Function Toolkit - download at no cost from
  6. Danielson-ELL Crosswalk:

Course Credit Registration

An additional registration as a student at Brandman University is required by the end of the 4th week of the course to obtain credit

Directions are provided after the course begins.

Failure to register at Brandman within this period will require one to re-register and re-take the entire course at a later date.

Brandman University Course Catalog Description

Explore best practices and resources for teaching English Language Learners language and content within bilingual programs including print materials, games, multimedia materials, online resources, and effective short and long term lesson planning.

Course Outcomes

  1. Define, compare, and contrast contemporary best practices for teaching English Language Learners language and content within bilingual programs.
  2. Locate and evaluate print, multimedia materials, games, and resources for teaching English Language Learners language and content within bilingual programs.
  3. Develop short and long term plans to demonstrate ability to integrate teaching of language skills within disciplines and differentiate instruction to meet the varied needs of English Language Learners within bilingual programs
  4. Evaluate, select, and make available electronically a variety of web-based resources for teaching language and content to English Language Learners within bilingual programs.
  5. Adapt materials, instructional methods and assessment to meet the needs of bilingual students based on study of implications of current research findings and innovative teaching techniques
  6. Participate in professional social media groups focused on teaching English language learners (e.g., make professional contributions, share resources, provide focused responses to others, AND seek input) 

IL Section 27.425 ESL Standards for ESL Teachers

  • IL27.425B-2A: demonstrates the ability to properly assess content instruction in the primary and target language in order to make appropriate instructional decisions
  • IL27.425B-2E: demonstrates knowledge of selection of instructional materials for the bilingual classroom and ensures materials and resources are appropriate for the program model and local context

Here is the course outline:

EDEU501 -Getting Started

This module contains links to downloadable course resources, and other introductory information.

EDEU501 - 01 Considerations for Teaching Content and Language

What do we need to consider to create cognitively demanding equitable instruction for multilingual learners?

EDEU501-02 Developing Language Objectives

Explore the principles and practices for developing language objectives with content objectives while planning instruction

EDEU503-03 Planning to Teach Language and Content Together

This module will focus on the question: How do we plan lessons to assure students develop the language needed to learn content and to show their learning?

Model Performance Indicators and Language Objectives

Explore Model Performance Indicators and how to use them to differentiate instruction for multilingual learners; explore the relationship of Language Performance Indicators and Language Objectives

Supporting Vocabulary Development

Deepen awareness of the principles and practices for fostering rich vocabulary development in multilingual English language learners. Explore differences from vocabulary instruction for native speakers.

Tools for Fostering Academic Language: SIOP and Thinking Maps

Explore materials and resources for fostering lessons which foster content and language learning for multilingual learners across the spectrum of English language development.

EDEU501 - Final Project

This project provides an opportunity to demonstrate ability to develop a content unit which includes content and language objectives, and provides language objectives and supports for students along the continuum of English language development. Completion time will be impacted by the depth and breadth of engagement with course content throughout the course.

Course Feedback

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